Semalt: Mozenda Webscraping Software

Mozenda is an effective online tool for those who are looking to extract data from various websites in a fast way. With more than 10 year of experience, this data extraction software offers great options to simplify the work of analysts and decision makers. It offers a user friendly interface that allows users collect a number of data from different sources, such as price listings, news reports, reviews, contact info and many more. Besides, they can structure all their data in a certain file to make them efficient for their business.

Advantages of Using Mozenda Software

  • It's a simple software platform, where users can scrape and store data to their computer. It's packed with a number of great applications, especially for business and sales people. It offers them great options; they can do such things like acquiring information for establishing budgets, check prices, forecasting and analyze the prices of products.
  • Webscrapers have an opportunity to collect as much information as they wish in real time and from various websites. Mozenda uses cloud technology to provide its users with some amazing possibilities. For example, it offers them a smooth, secure and cost-effective data access along with some amazing features to help them complete their job successfully. They can also use all the gathered data from websites to categorize them into different types of databases in order to analyze them in a better way. As a result, sales managers and marketers can boost the performance of their business and become more successful than their competitors.
  • Users don't need to have special programming skills to use this data extraction program. As a result, managers who seek to find accurate web data can use this software easily without involving more people in the process. They can do the work by themselves in a fast way without spending a lot of money to hire programmers. For instance, they can build different data sets and get the results they want as quickly as possible in order to fulfil their company's goals. More specifically, they can use certain formats, like XML, to get all the necessary information.
  • Mozenda offers web scrapers an experienced support team to make sure that its users can download all the information they need smoothly. Moreover, this data application software sets up special free training sections for its users in order to help them complete their work in a successfully. They can also review the projects with the users to help them make all the necessary corrections. Users can also get a phone or email support and they can also have access to forum, blog, email support and training videos. Mozenda professionals are always willing to build and maintain the projects of its users to help them save time.
  • By using Mozenda, web searchers can create useful pair lists. This way they can build solid data sets. They have to simply click to identify the special labels and values and then they can save their data with each name-value pair in a separate field.

When managers are looking to find the best software to get data, Mozenda is the best option. It's simple, quick and it can be deployed by businesses which aim to overcome their competitors and boost their performance.